Supercar Miles

Employers’ Package

Employers’ Package

Supercar Miles is a Supercar Rentals initiative designed to reward companies’ top performers with a unique, exhilarating package of 50 to 200 miles that must be used within two days.

We offer you the opportunity to purchase Supercar Miles, which is a thrilling way to reward your top-performing employees and will encourage everyone in the company to work twice as hard.

Supercar Miles can be awarded to any high-performing employee selected by your firm, such as “Employee of the Month”, “Most Improved Performer”, and so on.

As an employer, this is a great incentive to motivate your employees and create a rewarding work atmosphere.

Who can Benefit from Supercar Miles?

Designed to enhance morale in the workplace, Supercar Rentals offers Supercar Miles’ perks to all companies. Some of them are:

As a coffee shop owner, by using Supercar Miles, you have the possibility to increase the efficiency of your employees.

Cafe and restaurant owners can take advantage of this to make their staff happy and strengthen the daily operation and overall management and reputation of the business.

Multinational corporations can use Supercar Miles to provide bonuses to their personnel, resulting in greater outcomes.

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